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Product: 670363

Heavy Duty Pool Spa Leaf Eater/gulper Vacuum Cleaner with Brush, Bag, Wheels

Product Description

15" Round Vacuum w/ brushes

Three(3) Swivel wheels.

Large Fine Mesh Debris Bag

Quick-Connect Hose Adapter.

Snap Adapt Handle,Fits a standard 1-1/4" aluminum pool pole (not included)

Imported from USA

This Leaf Gulper/Eater Vacuum works for concrete or vinyl lined in-ground pools. It can be used in above ground pools.
This Leaf Gulper/Eater pool vacuum is very easy to use and amazingly effective. simply attach to a standard garden hose
to the base of the unit and turn on the water. The water pressure and movement from the garden hose lift leaves and
debris off pool bottom and deposit them into the attached extra-large mesh bag. This Leaf Gulper/Eater pool vacuum is a
Must-have powerful and efficient cleaning tool If you have lots of trees around your pool or live in an area that
experiences frequent windy weather. Not only does the pool Leaf Gulper/Eater Vacuum clean your pool quickly and
effectively, it also prevents leaves from clogging your pool plumbing, pump, and filter. Great for easy Spring and Fall