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Cara Nonna Orecchiette (Little Ears) Paesane Pasta
Cara Nonna Orecchiette (Little Ears) Paesane Pasta
Cara Nonna Orecchiette (Little Ears) Paesane Pasta

Cara Nonna Orecchiette (Little Ears) Paesane Pasta

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Product Description

"Cara Nonna" means "dear grandmother" and is the name given to a line of pastas based on the handmade pastas that were
lovingly prepared by every Italian grandmother. Of course, today new technological methods are incorporated which
emphasize bacteriological pureness while retaining the slow drying process, which maintains the true taste of homemade.
Bronze molds are still used in order to obtain the surface "roughness" which allows sauces to adhere to the pasta and
better incorporate the two into one great taste. Cara Nonna produces more than 80 cuts of pasta using durum wheat from
the Apulgia area of southern Italy.

Orecchiette literally means "little ears" and is based on the shape of the pasta, which is round and indented. It proves
to be an excellent shape to hold sauces and bits of other ingredients. A red meat sauce is a good choice. Another is to
saute some Italian sausage (casing removed), add a bit of hot red pepper, and par-boiled broccolini. Add the cooked
Orecchiette (reserve some of the cooking water) and plenty of grated cheese of your choice. Add reserved water as needed
according to taste. It's a satisfying one-dish meal without being heavy or time consuming.

Each package of Cara Nonna Orecchiette contains 500g. or 1.1 lbs.