Bialetti Hot Chocolate Maker & Milk Frother

by Bialetti

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Product ID: 670574


  • Makes 32 ounces of frothy hot chocolate (Four 8 ounce cups)
  • Works with chocolate shavings, drinking chocolate, or cocoa powder
  • Melts and mixes the chocolate to the perfect serving temperature
  • Timer with automatic shut off
  • Includes a 'Cool Mixing' function to froth milk without heating it for iced coffees or chai teas
  • Bialetti's Hot Chocolate Maker produces incredibly rich and creamy cups of hot chocolate with very little effort. For
    an easy warm treat, simply fill the clear upper chamber with milk and shaved chocolate, cocoa, or powder and watch as
    the mixture is heated, blended and frothed to a delectable perfection. The Hot Chocolate Maker can also be used to heat
    and froth milk for lattes, cappuccinos and chai teas. And thanks to the versatile blending system with a 'Cool Mixing'
    function, the machine can also prepare refreshing iced coffess for shakes.


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