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Watts Brass & Tubular 2T-M2 Washing Machine Shut Off Valve

Product Description

Washing Machine Shut Off Valve

Single Lever Turns Both Hot & Cold Water Supplies Off/On

Inlet Adapter Fittings Allow Either 1/2" Threaded Or 1/2" Solder Copper x 3/4" Washing Machine Hose Threads On Hot & Cold Water Outlets.

Imported from USA

These Watts manual washing machine shutoff valves are designed to control water flow from the hot and cold water supply
piping to the flexible hoses feeding a washing machine. With a flip of its lever, you can turn the water on or off, thus
protecting the washing machine parts and hoses from water damage, avoiding the potentially catastrophic results of a
burst washing machine hose. Can be installed in a more convenient spot than old boiler drain type hot and cold water
shutoffs which are often installed in hard to reach places. This makes shutting off the water supply easier. The
ball-type design allows it to be opened to any position to throttle water flow and minimize harmful water hammer and
banging pipes caused by fast closing washing machine solenoid valves.