Emile Henry 2.6 Quart Fondue Set, Rouge

by Emile Henry

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  • Made of Burgundy clay, can be used directly on a gas flame or an electric or halogen hob without a diffuser, without any fear of cracking or breaking.
  • Oven, broiler, microwave safe, it can go directly from a freezer or a refrigerator to a hot oven to the table, where it will retain the cooking heat for a very long time.
  • Fondue set includes 2.6qt pot, burner stand and a set of 6 fondue forks
  • Much lighter, up to 30%, than many types of comparable metal cookware products, Flame-Top is dishwasher-safe and cleans up very easily,
  • Can be left on an open flame, at high temperatures without any ingredients in the pot and the pot will not crack or break. 
  • 619922 Cheese fondue is traditionally prepared in a ceramic pot, which has first been rubbed inside with a clove of
    garlic. Prepare it first in the kitchen, and then take it to the table on its burner. The clay will gently diffuse the
    heat to the cheese, which will remain thick and smooth. The pot has a strong glaze, which is scratch-resistant and won t
    be harmed by forks, knives or any other utensil. They are easy to clean, by hand or in the dishwasher. The forks, made
    from stainless steel, have been specially created for this fondue set. Features: - Slow, natural cooking - Light, easy
    to handle - For use on gas, electricity and halogen cooktop stoves - Versatile; can be used in traditional, convention
    and microwave ovens - Keeps contents hotter for longer - Won't scratch from use or cleaning, stays looking new - Footed
    base for heat diffusion - Includes 6 forks specially designed for this fondue set - Available in Red, Yellow, and Black
    Specifications: -Material: high-fired glazed Burgundy clay -Forks: 6 Stainless Steel forks -Diameter: 8.5'' -Capacity:
    2.6-quart -Weights: 4.6 lbs. -Cleaning and care: dishwasher safe -Made in France


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