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Swissmar Lausanne 11 Piece Copper Fondue Set

Product Description

Includes stainless steel pot, copper spatter guard & rechaud, white ceramic insert, six fondue forks and dual function burner.

Simply remove the white ceramic bowl, put the spatter guard in place and you're ready for a meat fondue.

For cheese and chocolate fondue add water in the fondue pot, put the white ceramic bowl in place and you're ready to go.

Great for entertaining

Gift boxed.

Imported from USA

Originally a humble peasant dish in Switzerland, fondue has become a sophisticated, stylish way to serve and enjoy
snacks, meals, and desserts. Swissmar's Lausanne 3-in-1 copper fondue set, with its warm, inviting glow, makes it
oh-so-tempting to explore the mouthwatering possibilities available with oil, cheese, and chocolate. Traditionally
shaped with sturdy proportions and large handles, this modern version of the earthenware original combines communal
tradition with lighter, more efficient construction and versatile design.

The 11-piece set starts with a handsome and efficient 18/8 copper-plated stainless-steel pot sitting in a sturdy
rechaud stand. The two metals work together to offer an ideal combination of rapid heating and even, long-lasting heat
distribution with no metallic taste. A removable splatter ring on top is notched with nooks for six numbered
stainless-steel forks to keep hands safe, cool, and confident while dining. Underneath, an easily accessible paste/gel
fuel burner allows chefs to control the temperature for best cooking results. To melt cheese or chocolate, add the
high-sided, 1.3-quart ceramic bowl insert and use water in the pot to create a double boiler that won't burn the
delicate ingredients within but will keep them wonderfully smooth and bubbly. For meat, remove the insert and pour oil
or another fondue broth right into the 1.9-quart pot itself--the liquid will remain at a consistent 350 degrees F. Also
included are easy recipes to get the party started, and extra ceramic inserts are sold separately to add courses and
choices. Voila! Now it's time to invite five friends, get creative, and concoct anything from tomato and basil Gouda
appetizers to a ginger chicken main course to spicy Mexican chocolate desserts! --Kara Karll