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Scotchgard Carpet and Fabric Spot Remover, 22-Ounce

Product Description

Unique 2-in-1 spot cleaner with built-in Scotchgard(TM) Protector to help protect against future resoiling

Works great on salt, coffee, juice and greasy stains

Neutralizes most odors and leaves behind a pleasant scent

Ideal for auto carpet and upholstery, car mats and children's car seats

Imported from USA


About Scotchgard

In 1952, 3M made an important discovery that captured America's attention: Scotchgard Protector. In a time of
short-lived fads, consumers were ready for a long-term solution to help keep their fabrics looking good longer. The
revolutionary stain repellent was instantly embraced and is now one of the most well known and trusted brands in stain
removal and fabric protection.

Variety of Uses

Scotchgard Oxy's fragrance free water based formula is safe for all colorfast carpets including wool, nylon and
stain-resistant carpet when used as directed.

Instructions For Use

* Wipe up as much of stain as possible. Shake Oxy solution well. Thoroughly spray soiled area with Scotchgard Oxy
* Allow to penetrate for 5 minutes
* Blot of lightly rub with a clean, colorfast sponge or cloth. Repeat steps 1-3 above as necessary. Stay off cleaned
area until dry
* Scotchgard Protector begin immediately to protect against future stains