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SLEEP TITE ENCASE Lab Certified Bed Bug Proof Mattress Encasement Protector - Hypoallergenic - 100% Waterproof - 15 Year Warranty - Vinyl Free - Queen

Product Description

Six-sided bed bug proof protector encases entire mattress - accomodates mattress depths from 6 to 22 inches

Top portion can be zipped off for convenient laundering

Smooth polyester surface is quiet and breathable

Deep pocket design fits mattress depths up to 22"

Waterproof and bed bug proof zipper

Imported from USA

Mattresses and bedding are an optimal place for bed bugs to live because of the accessibility to your blood, body heat,
and carbon dioxide you exhale. Bed bugs feed by sucking blood-preferably human blood. They pierce your skin with two
hollow tubes; one injects saliva and the other sucks your blood. Within minutes, they can engorge themselves with blood
and reach three times their size. The resulting bite will manifest itself as an open sore, pussy blister, rash or hives
and the subsequent itching is incessant. The broken skin and exposed sores can lead to varied levels of infection.
Combined with other airborne allergens, bed bugs can trigger an asthma attack. Allergic reactions to the saliva
injection can, in extreme cases, result in a multi-system allergic reaction and lead to death. Other psychological
effects such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia are also common to bed bug victims. The encase mattress protector will
completely eliminate the passage of bed bugs to and from your mattress, serving as a mechanism for both treatment and
prevention.Cal King includes: 1 cal king mattress protector (72" x 84"), king includes: 1 king mattress protector (78" x
80"), Olympic queen includes: 1 olympic queen mattress protector (66" x 80"), Cal queen includes: 1 cal queen mattress
protector (60" x 84"), queen includes: 1 queen mattress protector (60" x 80"), full xl includes: 1 full xl mattress
protector (54" x 80"), full includes: 1 full mattress protector (54" x 75"), super single includes: 1 super single
mattress protector (48" x 84"), twin xl includes: 1 twin xl mattress protector (39" x 80"), twin includes: 1 twin
mattress protector (39" x 75"), crib includes: 1 crib mattress protector (28" x 52").