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Product: 672450

Simple Home Creations Nonstick Silicone & Fiberglass Baking Mat Half Sheet 30x40cm

Product Description

Why the best non-stick silicone fiberglass baking mat? Stop scrubbing and imagine an easier cleanup every day you bake fruit pastries, pizza pockets, cookies, fish; roll out dough, pizza, fondant

Last through years of washes. Nothing sticks! Rigorously Tested, Revolutionary Non-Stick Surface, Plus Fiberglass Reinforcement Means You'll Use this Everyday for YEARS!

Advanced Air-Circ Technology Delivers Evenly Cooked, Perfectly Browned Food: Skip the unhealthy sprays and oils, you'll still get that perfectly golden texture you crave, without soggy or burnt edges

Exclusive Odor-Block Engineering Won't Transfer Smells to Other Foods: Unlike inferior baking mats which leech chemicals out and hold old food taste in, ours repels it, for fresh tasting food

Don't Buy Cheap, Buy Smart! This dishwasher safe, BPA-Free silicone fiberglass baking mat has everything you need in a parchment paper replacement. Plus grids for perfect positioning, even cooking

Imported from USA

Revolutionary Non-Stick Silicone PLUS Fiberglass Food Grade Baking Mat Elevates Your Kitchen, Cooking, and Cleanup!

Why is this the best designed non-stick baking mat?

Because it has everything you think you want, with unique features you didn't even know you need.

*Sturdy, reusable silicone design lasts far longer than more expensive, 'flashy' brands

*Helpful grid design to ensure optimum positioning of cookies, pies, fish, biscuits and more for mouthwatering
deliciousness every time

*The Most Popular US size: At 11¾" by 15¾" (30cm by 40cm) this US Half Sheet Baking Mat will save you money by
increasing the lifespan of your top cookware, and best bakeware

*Advanced Air-Circ technology paired with grid-design insures even air circulation, so you see perfectly plump, toasty
pastries emerging from the oven without the soggy bottom created by competing brands.

*Never scrub or soak again! This dishwasher safe, ultra-durable non-stick coated baking mat eliminates parchment paper,
aluminum foil, sprays and oils

*Multi-Generation Durability: High-quality silicone construction retains shape and non-stick capabilities for years,
long enough to pass it down to your kids

*Flexible baking sheet withstands years of temperatures down to -40°F to 450°F

Don't Buy Cheap, Buy Smart!

Many baking mats claim to be non stick, but, after a few washes, don't measure up. This top baking sheet mat is tried
and tested, under rigorous conditions, to ensure that it is still as 'non-stick' 1000 uses later as it was from day one!

If you're looking for a healthy, low-fat way to maintain your most delicious recipes, meat and fish-without the
unhealthy sprays or oils"then you'll want to add this non-stick baking mat to your cart today.

Lifetime Guarantee. Should you ever have any issue, we'll promptly provide you with a no-questions asked replacement.