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Smokehouse Products Cedar Flavored Natural Grilling Plank, 3-Pack

Product Description

Approx. 14.5" L (39.37 cm.) x 5.5" w (13.97 cm.)

Add delicious wood smoke flavor to everything you grill or bar-b-que!

100% natural Pacific northwest Cedar adds a delicate Smokey flavor while retaining a slightly Sweet quality. Best for: poultry, fish, pork, vegetables.

100% natural Pacific northwest Cedar adds a Smooth, deep wood flavor. Best for: fish, beef, pork 3 easy steps!

Imported from USA

Grill/bar-b-que-use lowest setting on a gas grill or low charcoal heat. Place plank directly over the heat source. Cook
with lid closed so smoke will surround & infuse the food. When plank begins to smoke, after 15-20 Min, Check for flame
on plank. Use a spray bottle filled with water to extinguish any flame on the plank. Check with a meat thermometer to
test for doneness, especially poultry. Discard plank after use. Enjoy!