Fire & Flavor Disposable Grilling Planks, 15-Inch, Cedar

by Fire And Flavor

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Product ID: 672880


  • Disposable cedar grilling planks are slightly thinner and are a single use product, but again can be reused if not overly charred
  • Cedar grilling planks offer a robust, woodsy flavor excellent for salmon, red meats and other grilling traditions
  • The plank is all natural Western red cedar with no additional flavorings
  • Each pack contains two 3/8" x 6" x 15" cedar planks
  • Imparts a robust, smoky flavor perfect for salmon, beef, and chicken
  • Made with 100% all natural Western red cedar, which provides the best flavor and compliments the widest variety of foods
  • Perfect gift for the grill master in your home
  • Made in the USA
  • Fire & Flavor’s story began years ago in a busy kitchen in Reynolds, Georgia. It began with a love of family, friends,
    and Southern cuisine. Today Fire & Flavor shares all kinds of ways to make food more delicious, more nutritious, and
    with less work. Sharing food at the table is a time when many memories are created. Laugher, love and happiness make our
    world a better place, and at Fire & Flavor we are glad to be able to contribute to your family’s culinary experience.


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