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Zevro KCH-06139 Indispensable SmartSpace Wall Mount Triple Dry-Food Dispenser

Product Description

clear plastic canister is specially designed to keep your dry foods and ingredients fresh for up to 45 days

The dry food dispenser also helps reduce waste and save money by controlling portion size

The dry food dispenser mounts easily to any wall in your hotel breakfast bar, candy shop, market, or coffee shop

Wall-mounted dry-food dispenser with 3 13-ounce plastic canisters

Portion-control turn knob dispenses about 1 ounce per twist

As-needed dispensing helps keep food sanitary and germ-free

Food stays fresh up to 45 days; 3 integrated measuring cups included

Measures 5-3/4 by 15-1/4 by 16-3/8 inches; 90-day limited warranty

Imported from USA

The Portion Control Wall-Mounted SmartSpace Triple Dispenser provides convenience for anyone looking to maximize space
in the kitchen. By securing the dispenser to the wall, you can create additional storage without having it getting in
the way on the countertops. Plus, the dry foods inside are now easily accessible with just a twist of the handle. The
included measuring cup fits on each canister making it easy to work into your cooking routine. This dispenser is a
space-efficient accessory for every kitchen and each dispenser holds 13 ounces of dry food. It is suitable for a wide
variety of dry foods such as cereal, trail mix, candy, granola to nuts, beans, rice, etc. The unit's as-needed
dispensing keeps food sanitary and germ-free, while its airtight seal helps prevent food from going stale and preserves
freshness for up to 45 days, which means less food wasted. This food dispenser is ideal for parents as it promotes
growing independence as children learn to serve themselves or for people living a healthy or weight conscious lifestyle.
To use, simply place a bowl under the spout and twist the knob. The unit's portion-control system uses a soft, flexible
paddle wheel that won't crush cereal, reduces messy spills, and dispenses a measured amount with each twist--about an
ounce. Kids will enjoy turning the knob and watching cereal fall perfectly into their bowls, and parents can be assured
that kids won't be spilling cereal all over the kitchen counter. In addition, wall-mounted Portion Control SmartSpace
Single Dispenser has proven itself to be a durable, reliable, attractive and cost effective for any home or food service
environment. Dimensions: 5.75” D x 15.25” W x 16.37”.