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Live New England Lobster, 4-6 lb avg, 10 lb case, approximately 2 Lobsters

Product Description

10lbs of "Live" 4-6# New England Lobsters

Lobster meat is sweet and mild and the flesh is tender

Live Lobsters

Imported from USA

Live New England lobsters arrive right at your doorstep and ready to be cooked. Lobster is a refined yet versatile
choice for cooking with and makes a wonderful impression on guests. These beautiful New England lobsters arrive to your
froer feast on hold for a day, please be sure to store them properly. Live lobsters can be left for a day, if they are
kept refrigerated in an open container, packed in damp seaweed or newspaper. Take care of your lobsters and they will
take care of you. Never cook a lobster that has died. Once the wait is over and you are ready to cook, the possibilities
for your lobster dinner are endless. Steam them in a large pot and serve with corn on the cob and boiled potatoes.
Lobster can be stuffed, grilled, baked or broiled, made into the main course or broken down to be made into luscious
appetizers or sandwiches. Although, when you have a whole lobster in front of you, it would almost be a waste to
dismantle it before dinner time.