Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker

by Cuisinart

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  • Fully automatic 1-1/2-quart frozen yogurt, sorbet, and ice cream maker
  • Brushed stainless-steel housing; commercial-style compressor freezer; prefreezing not required
  • Precise temperature control and efficient mixing; fully automatic 60-minute timer
  • Ingredient spout; lid, paddle, and bowl remove for easy washing; instruction/recipe book included
  • Measures 15-1/2 by 10-3/4 by 10-1/2 inches; 3-year limited warranty
  • Housed in brushed stainless steel with an embossed logo, this fully automatic small appliance makes up to 1-1/2 quarts
    of frozen yogurt, sorbet, or homemade ice cream in less than an hour, with no waiting between batches. Due to its
    built-in commercial-style compressor freezer, prefreezing is not required--just add ingredients, set the 60-minute
    timer, and the machine takes care of the rest. The unit provides precise temperature control and mixes efficiently to
    ensure excellent results, and its built-in timer automatically stops the machine when the ice cream is ready to enjoy.
    For added convenience, its transparent lid features an ingredient spout, and the lid, paddle, and bowl remove for easily
    washing by hand. An instruction/recipe book comes included. The ice-cream maker measures 15-1/2 by 10-3/4 by 10-1/2
    inches and carries a three-year limited warranty.

    From the Manufacturer

    The Cuisinart Supreme Ice Cream Maker

    ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream MakerICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker Now you can delight family and friends with
    decadently rich homemade ice creams, light fruit sorbets, creamy sherbets and deliciously healthy frozen yogurt. The
    Cuisinart Supreme Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker has a built in compressor freezer that eliminates the need to
    pre-freeze the bowl, so frozen desserts and drinks are ready faster. Don't forget, extras can be added during the cycle
    through the opening of the transparent lid.

    With the touch of a button, this stunning brushed stainless dessert maker automatically starts the process. Just add
    the ingredients to the mixing bowl, set the timer and create the smoothest, creamiest frozen desserts.

    Transparent lidTransparent lid.

    Transparent Lid with Opening

    The transparent lid has an opening on top to let you add extra ingredients while the unit is in operation. Plus, you
    can watch the blending process in action. Add your favorite ingredients - luscious creams, fresh fruits, chocolate
    chunks, nuts, and even brownies - for the kind of smooth, fabulous frozen treats you usually go out to enjoy.

    Commercial-style compressorCommercial-style compressor.

    Built-in Compressor

    With the Cuisinart Supreme Ice Cream Maker there is nothing to freeze ahead of time. There's no need to pre-freeze the
    bowl. With a commercial-style compressor built into the Cuisinart Supreme Ice Cream Maker, you can make batch after
    batch without waiting. The ice cream making process is fully automatic. Just fill the bowl and set the timer. The
    Cuisinart Supreme Ice Cream Maker turns off when your frozen treat is complete. And, after making one batch, you can
    make another and another without waiting.

    One-Step Operation

    Simply add your ingredients and set the timer. Unit turns off automatically when the cycle is complete and your frozen
    dessert is ready to enjoy.

    Powerful Motor

    Mixing armMotor arm. The top quality construction of the Cuisinart Supreme Ice Cream Maker includes a heavy-duty,
    built-in mixing motor, removable bowl, and mixing arm. The Cuisinart Supreme Ice Cream Maker's motor is strong enough to
    handle ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, and sorbet. Expect professional performance and perfect results.

    PaddleMixing paddle. Ice cream bucketRemovable bucket.

    Making Frozen Desserts or Drinks

    Unit should remain upright at all times. If the unit is turned on its side or upside down, you will need to put it in
    upright position and wait 24 hours before using.

    * Prepare recipe ingredients from the Cuisinart recipes book or from your own recipe. If you use your own recipe, be
    sure it yields 1½ quarts or less. For best results, prepare ingredients in an easy pour container.
    * Place mixing bowl in unit.
    * Pour ingredients into bowl.
    * Put motor arm and lid together. Place stem of mixing paddle in the hole of bottom of the motor arm. Place hole of lid
    over stem until it is resting on motor arm. Push inward onto mixing arm and tabs will fit into place.
    * Place mixing paddle on stem. Paddle does not fit tightly. (It is snug enough to hold paddle in but not to lock in).
    * Place lid and motor arm on unit.
    * Turn dial to selected time (maximum: 60 minutes) Processing will begin. The unit will stop mixing and turn itself off
    when set time has elapsed. Audible tone will sound to alert you that the unit is off. Note: If frozen dessert reaches
    maximum thickness before the set time has elapsed, the unit will stop mixing. If you don't shut off the unit manually,
    the timer will continue counting down to "O" and will then shut itself off.
    * Frozen desserts or drinks will be done in less than 35-60 minutes. Processing time depends on the recipe, and the
    amount of dessert being made, and the temperature of the ingredients being used. Soft ice cream takes about 35-45
    minutes; hard ice cream about 45-60 minutes. For firmer consistency, transfer the dessert to an airtight container and
    store in the freezer for two or more hours.

    Adding Ingredients

    Ingredients such as chips and nuts should be added about 5 minutes before the recipe is complete. Once the dessert has
    began to thicken, add the ingredients through the ingredient spout. Nuts and other ingredients should be no larger than
    a chocolate chip.


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