Bag-Caddy Portable Garbage/Storage Bag Frame, Black

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Product Description

Portable and adjustable Bag-Caddy holds any 30-42-gallon plastic bag open and upright

Great for tailgating, yard work, camping, parties or any other time you use a plastic bag

4 die-cut locking tabs holds bag securely open

Anchoring tab works with a garden or tent stake to hold it in place

Roll it up, lock it closed, store it in any nook, cranny or even your trunk

The Custom Quest Bag-Caddy is a portable support device that works together with any plastic garbage bag to create a
freestanding, easy-to-use receptacle. Perfect for tailgating, picnics, parties, recycling, yard work, camping, patios,
and more. Any time you use a bag the Bag-Caddy can help you do more, easier, with less effort. To use, just unroll it,
drop a bag in, lock the bag open with the 4 die-cut tabs, and load it up. When you're done just unlock the tabs, tie up
the bag, slide the Bag-Caddy over the top, and roll it up. Now your full bag is upright, flat bottomed, and easy to