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Soyapower G4 Soy Milk Maker, Almond Maker, Rice Milk Maker, Quinoa Milk Maker, and Soup Maker - New Model All Stainless Steel Inside

Product Description

New model replacing the best selling SoyaPower Plus soy milk maker with thermo-plastic outliner and bottom heating technology. 1.3 litter capacity

Important! - all stainless steel construction for the grinding and cooking chamber. No food color stains on plastic or concerns of plastic leaching into food

4th generation filter-less design for easy use and cleaning with Perfect Grind Technology (TM) for high milk yield

8 automatic functions for fully cooked milk, soup, and raw vegan milk from beans, grains, and nuts. Most feature milk maker - even making hot chocolate!

High tech design complete with advanced temperature and water level sensors, and solid-state power controls for superior performance and durability

Imported from USA

Sanlinx Inc. is the pioneer for home-use soy milk makers. Since it introduced the original soy milk maker in 1999 to
Norther American market, every generation of its soy milk maker has been the best seller. The SoyaPower G4 is the newest
model. The G4 uses premium components such as the low noise DC motor, solid state power control, and #304 stainless
steel. The microprocessor and the sensors continuously monitor and control the grinding and heating process to make
perfect milks, soups, or porridge.

Key SoyaJoy G4 features:

1. Microprocessor-controlled with eight function buttons, each optimized for making milk from beans, grains, seeds or
unlimited combinations of them.

2. Makes raw milks, as well as hot milks, soups, and porridge. More versatile than any other soy milk maker. Even make
hot chocolate drink!

3. Easy to use - add water and beans (or seeds and grains) directly to the pitcher. Pitcher has max./min. water level

4. All stainless steel construction for the grinding and cooking chamber. Easy to clean. No food color stains or
concerns of plastic leaching into food.

5. Perfect Grind TM design makes perfect grinding of beans, seeds, or grains to achieve higher milk yield.

6. Fourth Generation (G4) filter-less design for easy use and cleaning. No loose parts to install and clean.

7. Enhanced cooking cycle for better taste and digestion. Soy milk is cooked for over 20 minutes above 200 degree F.
to ensure the inactivation of the enzyme inhibitors.

9. Water level sensor, temperature sensor, and overflow sensor working with microprocessor to ensure best results
every time.

10. Accessories Include a measuring cup, pitcher & sieve, cleaning pad, user manual, and 0.3 lb sample soybean
package. One year warranty.

US (110V 60 Hz) power supply only