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John Taylor Butcher Block Conditioner Food Grade Mineral Oil and Natural Waxes, 12 fl.oz(355ml)

Product Description

CONTAINS MINERAL OIL AND NATURAL BEESWAX: Food grade mineral oil penetrates deep into wood to prevent drying and cracking while beeswax restores the surface to a lustrous finish.

REPELS WATER TO PREVENT FUTURE DAMAGE: The best way to prevent damage to your wooden utensils, salad bowls and countertops is to keep harmful water and liquids out. The best available wood care.

REPEATED WASHING WITH SOAP AND WATER DRIES OUT WOOD: Our special formulation of mineral oil, beeswax and carnauba wax revitalizes and protects. Wash your wood with confidence.

BUFF OUT KNIFE CUTS AND SURFACE SCRATCHES WITH EASE: Your wood stays looking new - even after years of continuous use. John Taylor Butcher Block Conditioner lets you get more life out of your wood.

LEAVES NO ODOR, NO TASTE - SAFE FOR USE ON FOOD PREP SURFACES: FDA-approved and safe to use around food. Natural antibacterial properties make it ideal protection for children's wood toys.

Imported from USA

Protect your investment in expensive wood butcher blocks, cutting boards, countertops, trays, bowls and utensils with
this specialized blend of conditioners that act both on the surface and deep within the wood. Almost like magic, wood is
rejuvenated to the original quality you loved the day you bought it.

Fine Mineral Oil Goes Deep to Prevent Drying, Cracking and Warping

Soaking easily and quickly into the wood grain, this blend of culinary mineral oils keeps wood moisturized and strong
without going rancid as vegetable oils do. All wood kitchen product manufacturers recommend regularly applying mineral
oil to counteract the drying, damaging effects of frequent contact with water. But that's just half the battle if you
want truly amazing results.

Pure, Natural Beeswax Protects and Restores the Surface

Mineral oil treatment alone will leave a dull finish, and can dissipate quickly. John Taylor solves those problems by
adding high quality beeswax and carnauba wax to the formula. They coat the wood with a durable, lustrous finish that
keeps the mineral oil in and liquids out. Water will actually bead up on the surface! You can also use this conditioner
to buff out knife cuts or surface scratches.

Formulated Especially for Food Preparation and Serving

John Taylor Butcher Block Conditioner is approved by the FDA for direct contact with food. In fact, it has natural
antibacterial properties which add another level of food safety. This makes it an ideal choice for children's wood toys
as well. Plus, it has no taste or odor that could interfere with your gourmet masterpieces.