House of Silk Flowers Artificial Cedar Spiral Topiary, 3-Feet

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Product Description

3-foot tall Artificial Cedar Spiral Topiary

Comes in weighted non-decorative "nursery" pot (total height, including pot: 39")

Approximately 12" diameter at widest point (bottom of topiary)

Metal non-bendable "trunk"

This 3-foot artificial cedar spiral topiary has been crafted with an eye for detail. The plastic cedar leaves are
realistic and natural-looking. The topiary itself measures a full 3 feet (39" total including the pot) and comes in a
non-decorative "nursery" pot. It is approximately 12" in diameter at the widest point, the bottom of the topiary. Simply
"plant" this topiary an your own decorative container and it becomes the perfect addition to a foyer or covered
entryway. This is only recommended for indoor use or use in a covered and protected outdoor area.