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5 Nozzle Fan Mister - Outdoor Misting Systems

Product Description

5 Nozzle Fan Mister - Outdoor Misting Systems - No Electric Fan is included.

Now you can keep cool outside just by attaching the

"Fan Mister" to your electric fan. Keep cool outdoors Economically and Ecologically.

The Fan Mister will chill temperatures up to 30 degrees F.

The Kaz-USA Cool Mist systems employ evaporative cooling to effectively cool and condition the air.

Imported from USA

Complete fully assembled 5 nozzle Fan Misters include: 7' of 1/4" Polyethylene tubing with 3 brass misting nozzles
installed at 6" intervals. 3/4" FHT Swivel x 1/4" compression-lock tubing to hose thread adapter. System is fully
assembled, packed in bulk with less decorative packing materials for lower costs and to reduce trash. We usually ship
First Class Mail (USPS) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless urgent shipping is requested. The number of nozzles on your
Fan Mister depends on the size of your fan and strength of fan. Hi velocity fan may add 2 nozzles. Here are
recommendations: Less than 12 " diameter.......1 nozzle 12" to 16"...........................3 nozzles 16" to
24"...........................5 nozzles 24" to 36"...........................7 nozzles Use only Standard Garden hose, ¾
diameter with the threaded part is 5/8". This is the most common hose being used in the United States and Canada. You do
not need any electric pumps. For the foreign customers, we recommend to use Expedited Mail. It usually takes 1 to 2
weeks but regular 1st class International mails may take 3-4 weeks. More information enter kaz-usa fan misters. To order
10 assorted fan misters, you will get 20% off and one combined shipment with $12.00 USPS Priority Mail (US destination
only, other countries please e-mail the quotation)