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Electronics > Electronics Features > Product: 674849

P3 International P7901 Mole Chaser

Product Description

Gets rid of moles, voles, gophers, shrews & other burrowing rodents

Made of sturdy, high-impact materials

Penetrating sonic pulses of 300Hz at 15-sec intervals irritate burrowing rodents & motivate them to move to a more comfortable home

P3 International Molechaser for your yard or garden

Chases away rodents unharmed by emitting a penetrating sound; doesn't affect pets

Easy to bury flush with the ground for easy mowing; covers up to 9,000-square-feet

Includes convenient battery change cylinder

1-3/4-inches in diameter and 15-inches long at 6.6-ounces; backed by lifetime limited warranty

This product is a sonic product, the sound will not be heard by humans.

Imported from USA

The P3 International P7901 Molechaser makes moles scram by emitting a penetrating sound that sets the rodents' sensitive
hearing on edge. Operating in a circular pattern of 100 feet, the Molechaser also chases off ground squirrels, shrews,
voles, pocket mice, and gophers. It won't harm the rodents or your earthworms or your pets; it won't even harm your
lawnmower, because you can bury it flush with the ground. At 1-3/4 inches in diameter and 15 inches long, the high
impact ABS plastic Molechaser doesn't require an excavation of your garden. Plus, you can replace the four D-cell
batteries--approximately once every 4 to 6 months--without digging it up. The Molechaser gives off 300 Hz of sound at
15-second intervals and works best in unobstructed, moist clay soil. If soil is dry, sandy, or peat soil, you may need a
couple of Molechasers to get rid of moles for good. --Emily Bedard