Triangle Bulbs T20931 - 250R40/RED, 250 Watt, R40 Reflector, 120 Volt, Red, Standard E26 Base, Incandescent Heat Lamp Light Bulb

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Product Description

250 Watts, 120 Volts, Red Heat Lamp

Medium Base (Standard Household Size)

5,000 Hour Rated Incandescent Floodlight Bulb

Lasts up to 5 Times Longer Than Standard Heat Lamp Light Bulbs

5 Filament Supports, Pure Tungsten Coil, Power Surge Resistant

250 WATT BR40 RED INFRARED HEAT LAMP 120 VOLTS 5,000 HOURS LONG LIFE - Triangle Bulbs T20931 red heat lamp provides the
infrared heat preferred by many food service suppliers, restaurants, hotels, and salons. Triangle Bulbs Industrial Grade
5,000 hour heat lamps are engineered to last up to 5 times longer than standard bulbs, therefore reducing operational
and maintenance costs, and saving both time and money. Industrial Grade lamps are built with brass bases to prevent
socket corrosion and multi-support filaments to resist shock and vibration in any burning position. Triangle Bulbs heat
lamps are the perfect long life reflectors for food preparation areas, saunas, restrooms, or any commercial application
requiring fast heating.