Power TrampolineTM 6.5" Galvanized Steel Trampoline Springs - Set of 15

by Skybound

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Product ID: 685322


  • More Coils than Competitors for More Bounce
  • Thicker Steel Gauge for Durability
  • Wider Diameter of Spring for More Bounce
  • Power Trampoline only offers the highest quality trampoline replacement products with the consumer in mind. Our products
    feature high quality materials using the latest technologies to ensure our consumers' safety.

    >Our high-quality steel springs have many features that our competitors simply cannot match:

    * More coils than competitors: the amount of steel we use per spring is much more than competitors even though the
    springs are the same length because we use more coils. More coils = more bounce.
    * Thicker steel gauge: the steel we use is thicker than most of our competitors making our springs more durable (and
    increases spring lifespan).
    * Wider diameter of spring Vs. narrow diameter of our competitors: our springs are wider in width, giving each coil more
    action and size; thus, resulting in more bounce.


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