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Texas Instruments Nspire CX N3/TPK/2L1 Spot Teacher Pack

Product Description

Inscribed with "SCHOOL PROPERTY"

Yellow Case

Connects to TI ViewScreen and/or TI-Presenter projection devices

Imported from USA

Keep track of your school calculators with EZ-Spot Teacher Packs You asked for help with reducing theft of your
school-owned graphing calculators, and here's our solution.EZ-Spot Teacher Packs - available only for the TI-84 Plus or
TI-84 Plus Silver Edition -- include 10 graphing calculators, each with a bright, easy-to-spot, "school bus yellow" back
cover and slide case. In addition, each unit's faceplate is inscribed with the words, "SCHOOL PROPERTY."EZ-Spot
calculators have the same features as regular TI-84 Plus family models that can be purchased through retail. EZ-Spot
units connect to TI ViewScreen and/or TI-Presenter projection devices .Every TI-84 Plus family calculator also has a
built-in USB port (USB cable included); preloaded software Apps like Cabri Jr. for Algebra and Geometry, and Science
Tools; along with at least 3x the memory and 2.5x the speed of the TI-83 Plus. The only difference is the eye-catching
color that makes them easy to identify as school-owned property.