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Firefly DE350 Wireless Polarized Handheld Digital Dermatoscope/Microscope

Product Description

Sensor Resolution: 0.35M pixels. Still Image Resolution: 720x480 pixels (Format: BMP). Video Resolution: 720x480 pixels (Formats: YUY2, Frame Rate: 30FPS).

Magnification: 15x - 50x (Native Optical), 15x - 150x (Digital). Lens Assembly: Dual Lenses, 3-Layer Glass, 650nm cutoff, Integrated Polarizer with 12 settings in 30 degree increments.

Lighting: 8 Ultra-Bright LEDs with fully adjustable brightness. Battery: Built-in 700mAH with more than 3 hours continuous usage. Built-in snapshot button. Rugged industrialized construction.

Wireless Link: 2.4GHz/4 Channels. Interface: USB 2.0 for Wireless Receiver. Transmits within a range up to 20ft. Designed for Digital Epiluminescence Microscopy (DELM). Easily integrates with EMR systems.

Software: Scalable Window, Zoom, Freeze, Resolution, Rotate, Flip, Region of Interest (ROI), Real time measurements, Automatic/Manual white balance.

Imported from USA

Firefly DE350 is designed to reduce the effects of glare and to help eliminate "hot spots" from highly reflective
surfaces, providing uniform illumination to bring out more surface detail with minimal glare. With a wireless link and a
3 hour Lithium battery, this product provides complete flexibility in capturing high precision images and videos.
Besides offering point-to-point connectivity, it also enables point-to-multipoint operation thus enabling multiple PCs
to observe the same images and videos. DE350 has a built-in polarizer with 12 distinct levels of polarization, and
provides up to 50x native optical magnification and up to 150x digital magnification. It is controlled directly with the
FireflyPro professional image processing software which is bundled with the microscope. This state-of-the-art software
allows users to capture, store, recall, view, manipulate and measure images and videos in real time. The DE350
polarizing system with 12 settings provides the versatility required for use in the Dermatology: skin or scalp check,
diagnosis, cosmetic, follow up, hair loss treatment, etc. It is also ideal for a variety of applications including
biomedical, printing/graphic arts, surface analysis of jewelry, coins, metal, etc. Compatibility: Windows 7/Vista/XP.
Package Includes: Dermatoscope/Microscope (1x), Wireless Receiver (1x), Base Stand (1x), USB Cable (1x), AC Outlet
Charger (1x), Software Application CD (1x User's Manual and software), Velvet Carrying Case (1x). Safety Compliance:
FCC, CE and RoHS compliant. Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 year.