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Product: 711258

Ultimate Boxing Sparring & Ring Strategy

Product Description

Imported from USA

The proving ground for all boxers is in the ring. Only through sparring can one test his physical and mental abilties
as a fighter. Whether you want to become a top amateur or pro this highly acclaimed lesson by Coach Getz teaches you
excellent sparring skills and ring strategy for becoming a champion fighter. With top Latino fighters Alex Cruz and
Ulises Nava, Coach Getz demonstrates how to pace yourself when sparring, ways to look for weaknesses in your opponent,
techniques for controlling your opponent in the ring, how to set up point scoring combinations, how to use the ropes,
fighting from a clinch position, how to fight a south paw, different sparring ranges, ways to prepare yourself mentally
for a fight, what you should do between rounds, taking advantage of your opponent's mistakes, when to go for the knock
out, ring sportsmanship, how to wrap your hands for a professional bout and more. This lesson also features a special
appearance by California State Licensed Professional Boxing Referee Tony Crebs who explains in detail how a professional
boxing bout is judged and scored. Also appearing is Licensed Boxing cut man Shawn Young who demonstrates how cuts are
closed during a match so fighters can continue in the ring. All fantastic information you will want to have. Bring
your sparring skills and ring strategy to a higher level by ordering this must have ULTIMATE BOXING LESSON today.