The Bowtie Magnum Ski Carrier / Sling; It Really Is Simply the Finest - Blue

by Bowtie

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  • 2" wide material throughout for comfort, ease of handling and strength
  • Goes on easily, handle strap adjusts for hand carry, shoulder sling or diagonal black sling
  • Clear instructional video available on You Tube
  • No small parts to lose, great with or without poles
  • Multiple purchase reduces shipping costs greatly
  • Bowtie Ski Carrier / Slings are simply the finest way to carry your skis and poles snugly, securely and conveniently.
    The unique "Bowtie" overwrap design means it goes on the quickest and easiest of all carriers. Then a tiny bit of
    elastic in the wrap strap keeps everything snug. Full magnum sized 2" material for easy handling. Extra long adjustable
    strap for diagonal back sling option. The extra long handle strap is easily made longer for back or shoulder sling or
    shortens for arm or hand carry.


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