Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, Retail Packaging, Black/Yellow

by Jabra

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  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • am3d Power Bass Delivers An Enhanced Music Experience
  • Built-in FM Tuner
  • users Can Skip Tracks, Control Volume, Take Calls Or Switch FM Radio with A Quick Tap
  • 7 Sizes Of Silicone Eargels To Ensure A Secure Fit & Optimal Sound
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    Jabra Sport wireless
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    Turn Up Your Workout with Sport Wireless+

    Reasons to Choose Jabra Sport Wireless+

    * Locks in – won’t fall out
    * Weather & shock proof, US military standard
    * Powerful bass
    * FM radio

    Ultimate Wireless Freedom

    Exercise is about breaking free so don’t let wires hold you back. Skip tracks, control volume, take calls and switch FM
    radio with a quick tap of your headset.

    World-Class Wireless Signal

    Going wireless doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice sound quality. World-class wireless technology gives you crisp and
    clear audio so wherever your workout takes you, you’ll never miss a beat.

    Built-in FM Radio

    If you want to leave your music device at home, your favorite FM radio station is just a click away. Simply tune and
    store the stations you love and enjoy your workout.

    Locks In – Won't Fall Out

    This headset is designed to lock in so you can focus on your workout. A behind-the-ear shape and a choice of seven
    different ear gels means whatever the intensity of your workout – you’ll get the perfect fit.

    Exclusive Jabra Sound App

    Lose yourself in your workout with serious sound and powerful bass. Jabra Sport Wireless+ is designed to direct sound
    straight into your ears with noise-isolating ear gels for deep bass and rich audio.

    Tested to the Extreme

    Your workout shouldn’t wait for good weather and neither should your headset. Jabra Sport Wireless+ is rain and dust
    proof and shock resistant according to US Military standard, so it’s built to withstand the most intensive workout

    Music & Chat

    * Pause/play music – Tap the multi-function button
    * Adjust speaker volume – Tap the volume up or volume down button
    * Answer/end call* – Tap the multi-function button
    * Reject call* – Press and hold (1 sec) the multi-function button
    * Redial last number* – Double-tap the multi-function button
    * Mute/un-mute microphone – Tap both volume up and volume down buttons at the same time
    * Skip music tracks – Press and hold (1 sec) the volume up or volume down button
    * FM radio – Tap the FM button to turn on, and then press (1 sec) the volume up or volume down button to seek the next
    available radio channel.

    * Phone dependent

    Features and Specifications

    * Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device
    * Easy control of music and calls
    * Connect to two devices simultaneously
    * Extra silicone eargels to ensure perfect fit and optimal sound
    * Fit clip for free head movement
    * Includes three months free Endomondo Premium subscription

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    Quick Start Guide

    Connect with Bluetooth

    * Turn off the Jabra Sport Wireless+.
    * Hold the multi-function button until the indicator light flashes blue, and then release the button. Pairing mode will
    be announced.
    * Follow the voice-guided pairing instructions to pair to your Bluetooth device.


    * Wear on the ears with the cable behind your neck.
    * Assortment of ear gels accommodate different ear shapes – choose one that's right for you.
    * Attach the fitclip to the cable, and adjust for optimal fit.

    REVO Corded
    REVO Wireless

    Made For Wireless freedom and ease of use Wireless freedom and iconic style Tough workouts Premium sound and portability
    Premium sound and style Premium wireless sound and style Premium sound and portability

    Connection Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth Corded Corded Bluetooth Bluetooth

    Wearing Style In-the-ear In-the-ear Behind-ear In-the-ear Headband Headband N/A

    Dolby Digital Plus Sound App Included ✓ ✓ ✓

    Noise Cancellation for Phone Calls Basic Basic Advanced N/A N/A Advanced Advanced

    High Definition (HD) Voice N/A N/A ✓ ✓

    Rain, Dust, and Shock Resistant ✓ ✓

    Built-in FM Radio ✓ ✓

    Stream multimedia – Music, podcasts, GPS ✓ ✓ ✓ N/A N/A ✓ ✓

    NFC for Easy Pairing ✓

    Carry Case Included ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

    Connection and Battery Indicators Single LED Single LED Single LED N/A N/A Battery and Bluetooth Icons Battery and
    Bluetooth Icons

    Music Playback Time 6 hours 7 hours 4 hours N/A N/A 12 hours 8 hours

    Weight 0.39 oz 1.06 oz 0.91oz 0.56 oz 7.87 oz 8.0 oz 21.5 oz