Vintage Look Distressed Brown Leather Strap Belt Snap On for Buckle (M (33"-35"))

by Hot Buckles

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Product ID: 713273


  • 1.5" Wide
  • Genuine Bonded Leather
  • High Quality
  • Great Vintage Look
  • Designed for your buckle
  • 1.5" W Snap On Leather Belt Strap
    Sizing is important when ordering a belt. Especially when ordering online where you can't try it on. Below is an
    example of how the belts are measured and displayed on our site. Please keep in mind when ordering belts it is standard
    to order a belt 2" larger then your waist size. Or 2" bigger then the measurement around wherever you plan to wear your

    Also please keep in mind the buckle you are using does play a role in overall length of the belt. If you have a buckle
    that is 2" long you will need to calculate that into the measurement. A lot of people like to measure the belt from end
    to end to get a measurement of an old belt. This method does not work well or accurately as belts vary when it comes to
    the length of belt that is on the end from the last hole to the tip.

    If you are still not sure contact our customer service at the phone or email displayed above.