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American Standard 2988.101.020 Concealed Trapway Cadet 3 Right Height Round Front Flowise 1.28 gpf Toilet with Seat, White

Product Description

Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately

Combination bowl and tank with seat

Oversized 3 inches flush valve. Chrome-plated trip lever

Siphon action jetted bowl with smooth-sided, concealed trapway

EverClean surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface

Includes top mount slow-close seat and cover with easy lift off feature

Imported from USA

Made by American Standard, the Cadet 3 toilet offers high performance with fewer clogs. This two-piece toilet features
the company's Cadet 3 flushing system, which can handle 1,000 grams of solid waste in a single flush. A pressurized rim
is designed to power-wash the bowl each time you flush, and the toilet uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush--20
percent less than standard toilets. The EverClean surface resists mold and mildew and is easy to clean.

At a Glance

Cadet 3 Toilet with Seat
At a Glance:

* Can handle 1,000 grams of solid waste in a single flush

* Uses a mere 1.28 gallons of water per flush

* EverClean surface that resists mold and mildew

* Backed by a five-year warranty

At a Glance

Cadet 3 Toilet with Seat
The Cadet 3 toilet offers a smart, water-efficient design and powerful one-flush performance (click to enlarge).

Dependable One-Flush Performance
The Cadet 3 toilet is equipped with American Standard's Cadet 3 flushing system for a stronger, more reliable flush. In
recent Maximum Performance (MaP) tests, the Cadet 3 system received the highest possible rating, handling 1,000 grams of
solid waste in a single flush. This smart gravity design results in dependable one-flush performance with fewer clogs.

Extra-Wide Flush Valve for a Cleaner Flush
Like all Cadet 3 toilets, the Cadet 3 toilet features a large, 3-inch, chemical-resistant flush valve that allows more
water to enter the bowl more quickly, creating a cleaner flush. The valve won't warp or distort like ordinary flappers,
and the 3-inch opening allows water to flow into the bowl over 80 percent faster than standard 2-inch flush valves.

Larger Siphon Trapway to Reduce Clogging
With a larger diameter than the industry standard, Cadet 3 toilets have a fully glazed, 2-1/8-inch siphon trapway. This
trapway features no choke points and a 2-inch ball pass to help prevent clogging, which means it can move a 60 percent
larger mass than a standard 2-inch trapway.

Pressurized Rim to Power-Wash the Bowl
With this toilet's pressurized rim, water is fed into the rim chamber from the tank, trapping air inside and thus
pressurizing the chamber. The pressurized water is then discharged from a series of specially configured rim holes to
completely scour and power-wash the toilet bowl.

Less Water per Flush
Thanks to a water-efficient design, the Cadet 3 toilet uses a mere 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which is 20 percent
less water than a standard 1.6-gallons-per-flush toilet uses. It's easier on the environment--and easier on your wallet.

EverClean Surface to Resist Mold, Mildew, and More
Treated inside and out, Cadet 3 tanks and bowls feature a permanent EverClean surface, which incorporates a patented
silver-ion additive right into the material to protect it from mold, mildew, algae, and fungus that can cause
deterioration or staining. The mirror-like EverClean surface is easy to clean and stays cleaner longer, even after years
of use.

The Cadet 3 toilet is available with a round front or an elongated front. The round model measures 30-3/4 by 15-3/4 by
28-1/4 inches (H x W x D). The elongated model measures 30-3/4 by 15-3/4 by 30-1/4 inches. Both have a 12-inch rough-in.

About American Standard Brands
American Standard Brands is a leading North American manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality building products,
including faucets, fixtures, furniture, vitreous china fixtures, cast iron sinks, whirlpool tubs, and other wellness
products for the bath and kitchen as well as decorative panels.

What's in the Box
One Cadet 3 toilet, two bolt hole covers, and one toilet seat.