Uber Soccer Futsal Ball - Green Gold Matte - Size 4

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Product Description

(1) Futsal Soccer Ball - Size 4 - Green Gold; Special low-bounce latex bladder (conforms to FIFA Futsal specs)

32 Hand-stitched panels; 4 Layer polycotton laminated; 1.4mm Thick high-quality Korean PU (high performance synthetic leather)

Develops skills - fast reflexes, alertness, pin-point passing

Top-quality Futsal (indoor soccer ball) suitable for tournament training and game play

Size 4 (Age 10 and older) - Check with your local league or organization to help decide what size ball to purchase

Size 4 - (Age 10 and older). The Uber soccer futsal ball is a top-quality ball, which is suitable for tournament play
indoors and out. This futsal ball is made with top quality PU (polyurethane), a high-performance synthetic leather, and
conforms to official FIFA futsal standards. This Uber soccer futsal ball is hand-stitched, and it's laminated so it is
soft to the touch. The futsal ball is fitted with special low-bounce bladder and conforms to the FIFA futsal standard
which means: it can only bounce up to 25 inches on its first bounce, it will bounce twice only and then roll along the
ground. Futsal can be played inside or out. It is played on a basketball-sized court with no sidewalls. This type of
play develops skill by testing reflexes, quick thinking, and pin-point passing. This ball can be used for games or
training. Note: All soccer balls are shipped deflated to save on shipping costs.