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TITIN® Force Full Weighted Shirt System

Product Description

Full set comes with Compression Cover Shirt, Pocket Shirt (14 pockets), and a Full Set of Gel Weights

Full Set Weighs 8 pounds, but feels like 20 due to dynamic loading

Shirts are made from Antimicrobial yarn and wicks 2x faster than Under Armour compression shirts

Gels stay pliable at all temperatures so they can be heated or cooled for pre or post workout recovery. Creates a mobile ice bath or heating pad

Reinforced zipper on the back enables full range of motion and no restriction during ANY workout.

Imported from USA

Please note that this product can NOT be shipped internationally. Please note that this product can NOT be shipped
overnight. Titin Force Weighted Shirt System Black Meet Titin force, the world's only weighted compression shirt system.
This heavy-duty, three part, weighted shirt system features a zippered inner shirt with 14 strategically placed pockets
that place 8 pounds of fit-right, hydro-gel inserts across your upper body and upper arms. A double-stitched,
moisture-wicking compression shirt locks down the weight while promoting increased blood circulation. Wear it hot. Wear
it cold. Wear this 8-pound shirt system for a HyperGravity training program that helps your body, build explosive speed,
strength and teeth-gritting endurance. YOU'LL HATE IT. YOU'LL LOVE IT. TITIN Force weighted compression shirt system can
help boost the efficiency of workouts, improving speed, balance, endurance and vertical leap. The Force allows you to
move naturally without stressing or abusing your body's joints. Can be worn during most workouts and training programs.
Shirt system can also be heated or cooled for use during or after workouts. Each TITIN Force weighted compression shirt
system includes three training enhancing components. The 14-pocket inner shirt serves as the base layer. Our patented,
fit-right, hydro-gel inserts slip into the strategically placed inner shirt pockets. The third element is a
moisture-wicking outer compression shirt that locks down the gel inserts, keeping the weight firmly in place during
strenuous workouts. Pocket Shirt: TITIN 14-Pocket Inner Shirt is designed with 14 strategically placed pockets that
evenly distribute the weight of our indestructible hydro-gel inserts across your upper body, including shoulders and
arms. Our 14-Pocket Inner Shirt features double stitching for superior strength. A smooth, high-performance zipper makes
putting on and taking off the shirt easy. Made with A.M.Y. to b