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TITIN Force Shirt, Small, Black

Product Description

TITIN is the world's ONLY weighted compression apparel

3 part weighted shirt system featuring zippered inner shirt with 14 strategically placed pockets and 8 lbs. of gel inserts across upper body and arms

The gels can be heated or frozen and stay hot or frozen for 30-45 minutes, while staying pliable and flexible at all temperatures

In joint study w/Under Armour TITIN increased lactate intake by 25%, vertical by 13%, endurance by 11%, top end speed by 3% and strength/agility

The gels have a lifetime warranty and the shirts will last 8-10 years of consistent use

Imported from USA

The TITIN FORCE line is patented weighted apparel with form-fitting gel inserts. The gel can be heated or frozen for
post-workout recovery, while staying flexible at all temperatures. The gels are evenly distributed across the body,
affecting only the muscles and not joints, leading to healthy, regenerative muscle fiber recruitment. The shirt adds 8
lbs. of weight but feels like 20 lbs. due to dynamic loading, tricking the mind into thinking one is carrying more
weight. This causes the body to work harder to recruit muscle fibers which causes muscle regeneration and stronger
muscles. From 80 to 400 lbs. and in every sport, TITIN's Hyper Gravity effect is used to help with strength, agility,
vertical jump and overall fitness. The system is comprised of an inner pocket shirt, outer compression shirt and gel
weights. A double-stitched, moisture-wicking compression shirt locks down the weight while promoting increased blood
circulation. The shirts are made of A.M.Y. Polyester antimicrobial fibers and quick dry threads, meaning the shirts wick
sweat 4X faster than the leading compression wear and the shirts neutralize odor and get rid of bacteria on impact. You
will never have to wash a unit. The gels have a lifetime warranty and won't burst, ooze, or change heating or cooling
properties after use. TITIN can be used in any workout and will not restrict movement or alter the workout. TITIN is the
only gym bag you will ever need. The only question left, is can you keep up?