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Product: 715247

Introduction to Curling Strategy: Black & White Edition

Product Description

Imported from USA

Have more fun watching and playing curling with this new guide to “chess on ice”! “Introduction to Curling Strategy”
is the first comprehensive book on modern curling strategy. It uses an intuitive approach (and lots of pictures) to make
curling strategy easy to understand, even for people who are totally new to the sport. It works through classic
scenarios that commonly occur at all levels of curling. And, it shows advanced curlers how to pick tactics based on
goals and “intent,” rather than play shot-to-shot. The book is organized into five parts: Part 1: Curling Basics—A
brief introduction to curling for people who are new to the sport, plus basic information you must know to understand
the rest of the book Part 2: Strategy Basics—Fundamental concepts that underlie all curling strategy Part 3: Tactics
in Depth—Opens and endings. Decide how you want an end to finish, then pick the right opening moves to get you there.
Part 4: Strategy Scenarios—Navigating the nebulous middle of an end. This section uses interactive puzzles to show you
how to stay focused and steer play towards the ending you want. Part 5: Putting It All Together and Playing in the
Real World—Follow a real game, shot by shot, and see how skips make—and stick with—plans. This section also covers “real
world” situations, like curling on arena ice, and playing with new curlers who are still learning to make basic shots.
The book also makes a great textbook for curling classes! (Author's note: There are three versions of this book - color
paperback, black and white paperback, and e-book - so everyone can have access to curling knowledge at an affordable