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Mirrycle Road STI Bicycle Mirror - Only Compatible w/ 2010 or older

Product Description

Bicycle rear-view mirror designed to fit Shimano STI levers (ONLY WORKS WITH MODELS DESIGNED PRIOR TO 2010)

Easy-to-mount design puts mirror in ideal spot to see cars

Unobtrusive location lets you shift and stop safely at all times

Attaches to either left-side or right-side shift/brake lever

Comes with all necessary tools; engineered to fit most STI levers

Imported from USA

Developed exclusively to fit Shimano STI shifter/brake levers, the Mirrycle Road STI bicycle mirror makes it easy to
tell when a car is pulling up from the rear. The mirror is easy to mount: just pull the rubber hood off the Shimano STI
lever clip, slip the mirror base over the top, and then replace the hood. Once mounted, the mirror is located in the
best possible position for watching the road behind. Just a flick of your eyes allows for a quick view of approaching
cars or other cyclists. Best of all, the mirror doesn't get in the way of the STI levers, so you can shift and stop
safely at all times. The Mirrycle road mirror--which attaches to either the left or right side lever--comes with all the
necessary tools and is engineered to fit almost any STI lever.The Road Mirror will NOT fit on most Shimano STI levers
installed on bikes after Spring 2010.