Golf for Ladies Only - with Cindy Reid VHS

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Product Description

Imported from USA

This 35 minute instructional video is truly for a select audience. No matter the handicap this is a product for women
who have played the game.

As the Director of Instruction at the Tournament Players Club Sawgrass, Cindy has instructed men and women, pros and
amateurs for 8 year’s. Her findings: what a woman needs to improve her game is completely different from what a man
needs. What a woman deals with both physically and mentally takes a different approach to playing and learning.

Cindy never played the game until the age of 24 and then quickly rose to success as a professional player. Now she has
combined her passion for teaching with her knowledge and skill of golf, into a video that will be a must for all women

“For Ladies Only” is not an A to Z how-to video. It focuses on what women want to know. There are 3 areas where women
can make their biggest improvements. Those are also are the three areas that are most often requested by women who seek
Cindy for her expertise and instruction.

1. Distance off the Tee
Every thing from grip to posture to pivot is covered in detail. From practice drills in the home to execution off the
tee Cindy provides her “High Touch - Low Tech” method that will guarantee better results.

2. Fairway Woods
Perhaps the greatest phobia among women golfers Cindy covers the various clubs, distances, and strategies that will
turn a weakness into a strength.

3. The Short Game
From 40 yards in, the various skills of chipping, pitching, bunker play, the lob shot, hazards and difficult lies are
all demonstrated and explained

From the Contributor

"I've been teaching women for eight years. Without a doubt, there are three areas where they can make their
greatest improvements. That is my focus in teaching my students how to improve their game." Cindy Reid

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