• Specially designed to clean wood cutting boards - No harsh chemicals that can weaken wood fibers.
  • Cleans and neutralizes odors on well-used cutting surfaces and wooden utensils.
  • Safe to use on any wood surface that may come into contact with food.
  • Helps to maintain your wooden kitchen items to keep them looking great and lasting for years.
  • Freshens and cleans wood surfaces with real coconut soap and lemon oil.
  • Great for cleaning and preparing wood surfaces before applying Cutting Board Oil or Butcher Block Conditioner.
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  • Imported from USA.
Cutting board cleaner is specifically designed for wooden cutting boards and wooden kitchen items. Some dish soaps contain bleach and other harsh ingredients, making boards soft and gummy, reducing the life of the board. Howard cutting board cleaner is made with ingredients that won't harm the boards. Cutting board cleaner vs. Dish soap: some dish soaps aren't able to penetrate into the wood as deeply as the cutting board cleaner does, thus leaving unreached areas that can Harbor harmful bacteria and contaminate your food. Dish soaps aren't specifically designed to clean wooden cutting boards; they are designed to cover a board array of kitchen items.