Fabric Bath Shower Curtain/liner: Bright Neon Colors, Metal Grommets, Water Resistant (Hot Pink)

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Product ID: 718483


  • Size: 72" x 72"
  • Material: Sturdy Water Resistant 100% Polyester Blend
  • Style: Solid Bright and Vibrant Colors
  • Header: Reinforced Metal Grommets (12)
  • Care: Machine Washable
  • Metal grommets and bright vibrant colors give this bathroom shower curtain liner modern flair. This sturdy fabric shower
    curtain repels water and does not need a liner, 72" x 72" in size. Quality built with 12 Reinforced metal grommets and a
    unique 100% water repellent polyester fabric blend. Machine washable.

    Fabric shower curtain liners offer an Eco-friendly alternative to PVC-vinyl liners. Never deal with unsightly mold and
    mildew growth again! It washes nicely so it will keep you from having to keep buying a new vinyl or plastic liner every
    few months. Saving our landfills and helping the environment.