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Sunforce 50013 1-Watt Motorcycle and Powersports Solar Battery Charger

Product Description

Helps charge 12V batteries with the power of the sun

Works with motorcycles, personal water crafts,ATVs, snowmobiles and tractors

Amorphous panel works in all daylight conditions and is weatherproof for added durability

Built-in overcharge/discharge protection

Complete kit includes 8 ft of wire connected to the solar panel, 8 ft of extra wire, battery clamps, O ring connector, fuse, and Quick Connect Technology for simple installation

Imported from USA

The Sunforce 50013 1-Watt Power Sports Charger is the perfect solution for charging the batteries of motorcycles,
personal water crafts, ATVs, snowmobiles and more. Constructed with amorphous solar cells, this solar panel is
maintenance-free and extremely easy to install. With its built-in overcharge/discharge protection, this top-of-the-line
solar panel works in all daylight conditions to keep your batteries charged. The complete kit includes 8 ft. of wire
connected to the solar panel, 8 ft. of extra wire, battery clamps, O ring connector, fuse, and Quick Connect Technology
for simple installation.

Convenient charging for power sport vehicles

Convenient Power That Helps Keep Your Batteries Charged

This Sunforce solar charger lets you harness the power of the sun, the most powerful and plentiful source of energy
available to us. Unlike nuclear and fossil fuels, solar power is clean and pollution-free, and the equipment requires
very little maintenance to operate.

Sunforce Solar Panels are effective in areas of both high and lower sun exposure, making them ideal for use in the
United States The Power Sports Charger may be attached directly to your battery using either of the accessories
included with the charger. Included with the charger are a set of “O” Rings as well as a set of battery clamps. Both are
equipped with quick connect technology to allow quick and easy connections.

About Amorphous Solar Power

Solar panels convert sunlight into an electric current, they do not store power. Amorphous solar panels are created by
spraying silicon onto glass in very thin layers, and are commonly known as thin film solar panels. This process allows
them to be better at generating electricity in all lighting conditions, including cloudy or shady environments. They
have a maximum operating temperature range of -40 to 176-degrees Fahrenheit, requiring virtually no maintenance. They
can even withstand impacts from one-inch hailstones at 50 miles-per-hour.

Amorphous Silicon key points:

* Lightweight, portable, and shade tolerant
* For entry to solar or hands on solar
* Best for smaller output needs, temporary set ups, and areas that do not receive predictable sun conditions