Clear Crystal Red Oak Magic Wand

by Merlin's Realm

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  • Wood: Red Oak (please view last image)
  • Stone: Clear Quartz Crystal - Metaphysical Properties: Clarity of thought, Clear Quartz absorbs stores, transmits, charges, intensifies, releases and regulates energy of any color/frequency of subtle energy.
  • Length: Around 10 to 10.5 inches
  • Wand Pouch and Gift box included, made in the USA
  • WARNING: TV Magic is Fake. Real magick comes from the user, not the wand.
  • BE AWARE: These are small hand held wands, much smaller than a traditional wooden wizard wand, and larger than a
    traditional metal healing wands. - - - WOOD: Red Oak - - - STONE: Clear Quartz Crystal - - - STAIN: Natural Brown Stain
    - - - FINISH: All natural Saman clear coat. - - - WAND LENGTH: 10 - 10.5 inches - - - WIDTH: About the thickness of a
    pencil. - - WIRE: Non-tarnish Copper. - - WHATS INCLUDED: 1 Clear Quartz Crystal and Red Oak Wand, 1 Wand Pouch, 1 set
    of Manifestation instructions, wrapped in tissue paper set in a simple gift box. - - MATERIAL GUARANTEE: This wand is
    guaranteed to be made from real gemstones and real red oak. Because of the clear coat and quality stain some mistake
    this wand to be made from plastic. We make these wands ourselves in our wood shop and guarantee that are made from real
    wood. Please view the last image showing part of the wooden wand carving process. - - - WHY A SMALLER WAND?:
    Traditionally there are two types of wands, small metal and stone healing wands (useful for healing), and large wooden
    wizard type wands (useful for ritual wizard work). These smaller wands are a hybrid of the two, offering a smaller
    handheld wooden, metal and gemstone wand, capable of both energy healing and ritual work.


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