• Deva Nutrition Ionic Trace Mineral Drops - 8 oz. (237 mL) Deva Nutrition Ionic Trace Mineral Drops is a mineral concentrate that contains over 72 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake with 99% sodium removed; this makes it a "low-sodium" supplement. The sodium in Great Lakes water is removed by using a solar evaporation technology without the use of chemicals or dyes. This solar concentration method allows them to offer you this great trace mineral product without added ingredients. Take Deva Nutrition Ionic Trace Mineral Drops every day helps you get a wide spectrum of ionic trace minerals. This may be especially important for those who consume fruits/vegetables grown on mineral deficient soils. This product is free of: yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, sugar, salt, starch, preservatives; animal products, byproducts or derivatives. Soluble Ionic About Deva Nutrition Deva Nutrition is the pioneer manufacturer and distributor of unique vitamins, minerals, and food supplements that are suitable for vegan and vegetarians. Founded in 2003, DEVA Nutrition has been expanding its distribution network very rapidly. Deva Vegan product line is currently distributed in the US, and overseas. Deva Products are manufactured at GMP certified and, FDA regulated facilities to achieve high quality. All of their products are 100% vegan, vegetarian and certified by the Vegan Society, the non-profit organization that actually invented the word "vegan". They are formulated with the help of physician and nutritionists for the well being of their health conscious consumers. Their guiding mission is to deliver the highest quality vegan/vegetarian vitamins and supplements with the best value to their customers. Health conscious consumers around the world, whether they are vegan or not, seek their products for their quality, effectiveness and affordability. Deva Nutrition is a proud member of Green America, non-profit organization that connects thousands of like-minded businesses that have made firm commitments to sustainable, socially just principles, including the support of sweatshop-free labor, organic farms, fair trade, and cruelty-free products. Deva Nutrition is committed to protecting animal rights and supports all the organizations that try to make their world a less painful place for all living beings..
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    Suggested Use: The mineral product is highly concentrated, contains no added preservatives, flavors, or sweeteners and has a very strong taste. They recommend mixing it with juice or food and dividing the serving throughout the day to mask the concentrated mineral flavor. Begin regimen by taking 10 drops for 3 consecutive days. Each day thereafter, increase serving by 10 drops up to 1/2 teaspoon (40g) once daily. For Children Age 2: Take 1 drop for every 5 lbs. of body weight. Re-mineralize water: To improve the flavor of distilled, reverse osmosis or purified water add 20-40 drops a gallon. INGREDIENTS Deva Nutrition Ionic Trace Mineral Drops - 8 oz. Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1/2 tsp. (about 40 drops) Servings Per Container: 96 Amount Per Serving %DV Magnesium 250 mg 63% Chloride 650 mg 19% Sodium 5 mg < 1% Potassium 3 mg < 1% Sulfate 40 mg * Lithium 1.5 mg * Boron 1 mg * *Daily Value Not Established. †Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Ingredients: Ionic Sea Minerals. WARNINGS Minor crystallization may occur, but this does not affect the quality of the product.