66-inch Heavy Duty Tripod with Tripod Bag

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  • Fits many cameras and camcorders
  • Carrying Handle
  • Built-in storage lock
  • Holds up to 6.61 lbs
  • Quick release leg locks
  • If your photos seem to turn out a bit blurry and your videos tend to bounce around, the problem might not be with your
    camera or camcorder. Subtle movements can greatly affect the image quality. That's way it's always a good idea to use a
    tripod, because even if you have a steady hand the wind cold and other factors can cause some shakes. This tripod
    extends up to 65" and is durably constructed with over-sized legs so it can even support larger professional style video
    camera up to 6.61 lbs. The tripod features fluid movement geared center column with tension adjustment, reference marks
    and a bubble level for added convenience. A quick release plate with universal threads can accommodate most cameras and
    camcorders. There's even a carrying bag for easy transport.


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