Indus Classic Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Crystal Lamp Natural Ionizer 8-10 Lbs Ionize

by Indus Classic

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  • Negative Ions Emitted Help Reduce Severe Allergies, Sinus, Depression, Migraine, Fatigue, ADHD, Odor
  • Perfect Accents to offset Harmful Radiation from Computers, TV, Microwave etc. Memorable Gift
  • Height 7-11 in. / Width 4-6 in. / Max 7.5 Feet Radius Ion Emission Range.
  • Smoking room is an ideal place for salt lamp. Feel Uplifted and high spirited.
  • Use it for both home & Office, Memorable gift for Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary
  • We guarantee that upon usage you and your loved ones will notice the refreshing and energizing difference in the air
    that you breathe. Think of that fresh air when you go to the beach or smell in the air after a thunderstorm. So
    Uplifting and refreshing! Not only you will find the light from salt lamps very soothing but the benefits from the
    Negative Ions emitted by the lamps are too numerous be listed. Made from World Known best Himalayan Salt in Pakistan.
    Black Tai Salt Company


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