IonLite® Air Purifier Plug-In with Nightlight - Perfect Choice for your Baby’s Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen & More

by Ionlite

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Product ID: 752020


  • Proven to Kill E. Coli and Bacteria in the Air and On Surfaces
  • No Filter To Clean or Replace, Just Plug It In!
  • Blue Light (only comes in this color)
  • Built-In Automatic Night/Day Sensor
  • Plugs Into Any Standard Electrical Socket (120V)
  • The perfect choice for your Baby's Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen and more. Fills any room with it's calm, soothing
    blue light that helps you drift off to sleep at night. With built-in Night/Day sensor, you can leave it plugged in all
    day. Ionizer works even during the day when the light is off.

    Inside every Ionlite Air Purifier is a powerful ion generator that disperses negative ions into the air. These negative
    ions attach themselves to unwanted particles, such as bacteria and dust,
    and remove them from the air.

    Most particles that "float" in the air are positively charged. These particles act as large "rafts" for toxic chemicals
    and disease organisms-not the kind of thing you want to breathe. Negative ions are attracted to this positive charge and
    attached to these positively-charged particles in the air-forming masses that are too heavy to remain suspended.


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