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Gitzo GH2720QR Two Way Fluid Head

Product Description

Designed to be the perfect tool for bird watching

Built in quick release

One handle locks both pan and tilt movements

Silky smooth fluid movement

Imported from USA

Bird watching makes completely different demands on equipment used for video or photo applications. Almost all
birdwatchers currently use tripod heads specifically developed to support video or photo equipment, which means the
heads tend to be larger, heavier and more complicated than is needed for bird watching. This Gitzo head has been
developed with one aim in mind: to make them the first, the only, 100% bird watching heads. An unconventional technical
approach was used in developing these heads to guarantee ultra stable, precise observation, thanks to three innovations
and improvements: fluid cartridges designed specifically for bird watching, the Single Lock System and high-precision
internal components and mechanisms. Fluid cartridges on pan and tilt axes give ultra smooth movements that adapt
perfectly to speed – from delicately controlled at low speeds (the holy grail for birdwatchers, this makes distance
spotting and tracking much easier), to almost completely friction-free at high speeds (useful when fast equipment
repositioning is required). A single lock is the other specific innovation for bird watching. Pan and Tilt movements are
locked and frictioned in parallel by a single large control knob, making head adjustment simpler, faster and more
effective than ever before. All internal mechanisms are tuned to give maximum control and to eliminate even the smallest
give or play. The overall design has been optimized to produce a head which is extremely solid, yet lightweight and
compact. Stability, precision and structural rigidity: these strengths perfectly match Gitzo carbon fiber tripods,
especially the Leveling series, for additional speed and versatility. This combination gives birdwatchers extraordinary
performance and portability. With this head, Gitzo continues its long history of inventing and creating products which
are highly specialized and uniquely effective.