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Casio EX-word Electronic Dictionary XD-D7600 | Extensive Korean Contents (Japan Import)

Product Description

Korean model 100 recording content. Korean Song content. Yes = function pronunciation / long battery life and robust design twin color LCD image search engine and e-picture book Blanview new loading scroll pad. Content = 100. Yes = handwriting recognition. Yes = function touch screen operation. With new / additional features double card slot Yes = content. Type touch panel screen size = 5.3. Two rechargeable AA book or (AM3) 2 = LR6 AA alkaline battery power. If (AM3) LR6 AA batteries fresh alkaline battery life = life: about 130 hours, etc.

Imported from USA

◆ The person who I want to learn Korean firm practical. ◆ Japan and South Korea as well as dictionary-recorded content
Korean Korea, South Korea Korean dictionary also included. Also support handwriting search, search is possible without
also saw Hangul. -Korean Dictionary (Track number: about 110 000 words / examples about 65000) dictionary Shogakukan
Japan and South Korea (the number of recording: about 42 000 words / examples about 65000) Korean Dictionary Korean ·
Dong-a (recording number: about 147 700 words) and grammar adopt a combination of consonants and vowels of Hangul input
method to choose ◆ the "two-Bol" Korean center to start from scratch (Number Song: lesson 10 total) Korean Hitoriaruki
(about 2000 sentences recorded number). And how to enter the key that you assigned the Korean alphabet, in a subpanel
there is a way to touch the soft keyboard and how to enter characters by hand, you can switch to your liking. ◆ the main
and sub-panel with color LCD panel (LCD Blanview), two twin color LCD vivid expressiveness. Displayed at the same time,
such as image and commentary, linked by two screens, capacity achieved excellent display. Of course, touch enabled, even
handwriting input. And search operation is smooth. /