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Don Guiseppe Palermo, Baby Don Dino, Frankie the Hammer, Angie

This is the family defense lawyer Antonio, also known as Teflon Tony.

Freddie the Fed is not a member of the Palermo Family. But he is always around them so much, he might as well be.

Angie is one of Don Palermos only two granddaughters.

Imported from USA

Meet the Palermo Family from New York's lil Italy. Originally one of the most powerful crime families on the east coast,
they are trying to turn a new leaf. they wanna be legit! Having opened a successful mobster themed pizza parlor chain
called The Family Pizzeria, they are now head of one of the most successful restaurant chains in the country. From opera
singers for entertainment to limousine pizza deliveries in Violin cases, these guys aren't just dressing the part...they
are the real deal. Their restaurant slogan is "The Family Pizzeria ...Flavor you cannot refuse". And yes Homies, they
are whisper's relatives.

Originally from the Sicilian Village of Palermo. Don Guiseppe is the Palermo Family Godfather. Under the persistent
advice of his son Father Francesco, a Catholic Priest, Don Palermo decided to turn his Family into a legitimate
corporation. After being spoiled for years by Sally the Chef`s cooking, he decided to open a restaurant . A big fan of
Theme restaurants like Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock Cafe, he decided to develop his restaurants to a theme, and
came up with a Mafia theme for The Family Pizzeria Restaurant chain. Don Palermo cares deeply for all of his Family
members and tries to instill the old ways in them. He wants them to be a Family with respect, and one that has the fear
of it`s enemies. By using the same aggressive philosophy in the pizza business as he once did in the crime business, Don
Palermo has amassed a huge fortune, and plans on even more growth, provided the Feds don`t shut him down.