CostMad TM 8 Piece Baking Cupcake Birthday Wedding Party Kids Cake Cookie Cake Decorating Multi Coloured Frosting Icing Desert Gift Set

by Costmad

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  • Includes everything you need to decorate cookies, cupcakes, and cakes
  • Instant fun for the whole family with professional and quality results
  • Suitable for decorating homemade or shop-bought cookies and cakes
  • Tips include: Round, Leaf, Star and Basket weave
  • Dishwasher Safe, Child friendly and fun!
  • This 8 piece cupcake & cookie decoration set includes 2 different types of
    equipment. It includes: 4 easy grip bottles and 4 assorted decorating tips that
    can create dozens of effects at уουr fingertips such аѕ ribbons, stars аח
    rosettes; аѕ well аѕ perfect royal lettering аח neatly drizzled chocolate!

    For hours and fun for everyone and gives professional results. The separate
    bottles allow you to use several colours at a time for really eye-catching

    It's a great gift for the kids that want to have fun whilst learning a skilled
    trade for the future; you can be as creative as you want with this set there is
    nothing holding you back. Hours of fun guaranteed!


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