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Pro Putt 360 - 2 Golf Ball Liners / Practice Targets! Now you can draw a line completely around the ball! Improve your Short Game!

Product Description

The only Ball Liner that lets you easily draw Alignment Lines around the entire ball. Locks in place so the ball does not slip when drawing a line or adding ID Marks

It is the perfect practice putting aid. It narrows putting focus by presenting a smaller target for the golfer, like the small 3 inch holes sometimes put into practice greens for that purpose

Gives feedback on every putt.

The PP360 is a chipping target and perfect for chipping practice, like Rory Sabbatini does on You Tube

Additional Uses: Keep grips off wet turf with the grip on the edge in tall grass or in the PP360 on the green. Use it as a ball mark for long putts.

Imported from USA

Use what the Pro's use. The Pro Putt 360 Ball Liner is more than just a line tool. It is the best new practice and play
device for all levels of golfers. Its multifunctional design helps you draw a line and ID marks on your golf ball, and
then becomes the perfect target to improve your putting and chipping. It increases practice effectiveness and reduces
strokes on the course.

It is much easier to use than any other line tool. Just drop a ball into the Pro Putt 360, rotate it to where you want
the line, then with a tap of the finger or light press it locks in place on the center of the ball. You can then add a
line or lines, while holding the outside edge of the PP360 in your finger tips of one hand while placing the tip of the
sharpie where the PP360 meets the ball and simply rotate the PP360 and ball holding the pen in one place. Plus while
the ball is locked in place you can easily add identifying marks such as dots or initials, etc... to both sides of a
golf ball.

As a practice aid it is designed to narrow your putting focus by presenting a smaller target. It is designed to give
feedback on every putt. If a putted ball rolls over or touches the Pro Putt 360 the ball would have gone into a normal
sized hole. Practice landing your chips to a small spot so you control where the ball stops, like Rory Sabbatini does in
our Your Tube video. You can use it instead of a precut hole to practice to the spot you want! Please check out our
short YouTube Video to see how easy it is to use the Pro Putt 360. You can find it on our website or