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Product Description

Formula One returns to the USA in 2012 at the all new Circuit of the Americas, located in Austin, Texas, and players can drive on the circuit ahead of the track's debut in November.

Gamers will be introduced to the world of Formula One and learn the nuances of how to drive a Formula One car by taking part in the all-new Young Drivers Test at Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina.

Codemasters' Formula One series has set the standard for weather in racing games and players will be able to experience new enhancements that will raise the bar further in F1 2012

F1 2012 will feature all-new lap walkthroughs from Formula One test driver and Codemasters technical consultant Anthony Davidson.

Expected to attract 120,000 fans on race day, the Circuit of the Americas will be a spectacular addition to the Formula One calendar and will be recreated in full high definition in F1 2012

Imported from USA

The glamour. The exhilaration. The intensity. The speed. With drivers cruising a smooth 200 mph — minimum — and
cutthroat teams carving out dynasties of speed, Formula One is the most elite racing circle in the world and the most
thrilling motorsport tearing up the tracks. Every curve of the track, every control on the dashboard and every strategy
in the pit lane is of utmost importance in this intensified world — and it's all re-created in stunning detail. Let
breakneck speeds and ultra responsive cars transport you to the glamorous world of Formula One as you race toward the
finish line.

F1 2012
experience the speedExperience the speed

High-definition graphicsHigh-definition graphics

Race toward the finish lineRace toward the finish line


Get behind the wheel and experience the new Circuit of the Americas before its real-life debut with this breathtaking
game. This dramatic new track features 20-turn circuits that take inspiration from some of the world's most difficult
corners, including Silverstone's Becketts and Istanbul Park's Turn 8, and boasts elevation changes of up to 133 feet. An
advanced weather system produces localized weather that can leave sections of the track wet while others stay dry for a
dramatic and unpredictable race experience. Take part in training tutorials, such as the all-new Young Driver's Test at
Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina, to become familiar with the nuances of F1 racing and learn how to get the most speed out of your
car. The new Lap Tutorials feature can help you perfect your car's performance, as F1 test driver Anthony Davis walks
you through a lap of each of the 20 circuits, offering expert advice. Do you have what it takes to handle the world's
toughest race circuits and steer your car to victory?

Key Features:

* Get behind the wheel to experience the speed and drama of F1 racing first-hand

* Drive the breathtaking corners and elevation changes of the new Circuit of the Americas before the real-world debut in
November 2012

* Includes 20 exciting circuits from the F1 expanded 2012 calendar, including the return of Germany's Hockenheimring

* An advanced weather system produces localized showers that can leave some areas of track wet while others stay dry for
dramatic, unpredictable racing that requires last-minute, game-changing strategy calls

* Learn the finer points of F1 racing, including when to use KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) and DRS (Drag
Reduction System) with the all-new Young Driver's Test at Abu Dhabi Yas Marina

* Let F1 test driver Anthony Davidson talk you through a lap of each circuit, offering expert advice on breaking points,
gearing and getting the most performance out of your car

* High-definition graphics offer stunning re-creations of some of the world's most beautiful and difficult tracks for a
thrilling racing experience

* Extensive cooperative and multiplayer components offer a wide range of gaming options to help you perfect your
competition skills