An Elan Usa Beautiful Sexy Summer Convertible Dress/Skirt (RL407)

by Elan

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  • Choose the colors and designs you like best! You have many options to pick from, including solid styles and striped patterns. You have your pick of colors for both the solid and striped styles, including black, white, denim, grey and purple. The solid colors allow you to wear the dress often by changing the configuration, while the striped patterns create a one-of-a-kind look. You could always choose more than one - then change your dress and the style of it whenever the mood strikes.
  • Be ready for all sorts of occasions with one dress! When you have this one piece in your wardrobe, you'll be ready whenever an invitation comes your way. Have a wedding, birthday party, beach gathering or other casual or dressy occasion coming up? Grab this dress, wrap it in the style that best fits your get-together and you're ready to go! To finish the look, add understated or showy accessories depending on the look you're after. You can make this dress fit your mood and your event!
  • Wear this gorgeous dress in eight different ways! A helpful card shows you various configuration options that transform it into a sleeveless dress, a sleeved style or even a skirt! Easily change it from one style to the next to fit your occasions, choosing a sexy, sophisticated or casual look. This one piece gives you endless outfit options, between changing the styles and dressing it up or down with accessories. This is a versatile piece for your regular wardrobe and for traveling!
  • Show off your body and your personality! This piece looks flattering on a variety of figures with the well-crafted design that fits and flows along different parts of you. The ability to convert from one look to another allows you to match your personality and flaunt your style, but also to create the best look that works with your figure. With the different styles, you can easily display or cover up different parts of your body. And three size options give you just the right fit.
  • Enjoy an expertly crafted piece of clothing for your collection! Rayon gives this dress structure while Spandex provides some stretch - the fabric blend creates a look and feel that's versatile enough to be casual and dressy for daytime or evening outfits. It's also easy to care for! The design hugs your body on the top and flows at the bottom with a draping style. You can appreciate that this dress was crafted in the United States, employing local workers and helping the economy.
  • Ready to look beautiful and put-together at a moment's notice? This convertible dress/skirt from Elan allows you to
    switch your dress style as effortlessly as your hair and makeup through quick and easy conversions. You'll instantly
    have the right look for a variety of occasions. Shift from a sexy sleeveless or halter style to an elegant sleeved look,
    a boho skirt or other unforgettable configurations. Simply wrap and tie in a different way to change your outfit for
    every occasion that comes your way. Each look is just as flowy and feminine as the last. Match Your Occasion Whether you
    need a dress for a wedding, party, date or casual outing with friends, this convertible dress transforms into the look
    you need as if you had your very own fairy godmother. And it's the perfect dress to throw on for an impromptu event or
    even bring traveling. You'll always look fashionable in this piece, no matter how or where you decide to wear it. The
    different dress and skirt styles of this convertible piece are fitted at the top and draped at the bottom, for a look
    that allures on all figures. Go a step further and transform it with accessories, keeping it casual or going glitzy by
    switching your pairings. Choose Your Color and Fit On top of amazing versatility, this stylish dress offers a variety of
    colors and designs to fit your personality and your engagements. Striped designs help you shine in a crowd of people,
    while solid colors provide a dress to wear more often without getting caught - change the style and it's like a new
    dress! Go for neutral colors for subtle glamour and daytime occasions, and choose from our bright or deep hues for
    evening affairs and to make more of a statement. And you always have the option of ordering more than one to increase
    your wardrobe choices. Pick from our small, medium and large sizes to achieve the best fit that flatters your figure
    while ensuring comfort during a night of dancing, dining or whatever you decide to do!!!


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