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Product: 761927

STX Double Sided Training Rebounder

Product Description

Double-sided rebounding training aid for practicing lacrosse

Sturdy, adjustable steel A-frame allows for varied rebound angles

Adapts to double-sided use to maximize practice space

Also appropriate for other sports, such as baseball or softball

Nylon net surface area measures 5 x 3 feet

Imported from USA

Ideal for coaches who want to put their lacrosse players through passing or shooting drills, the STX double-sided
training rebounder is versatile and long lasting. The rebounder is equipped with a sturdy A-frame that adjusts to
several angles, making it appropriate for single or double-sided use. Just set up the net at the preferred angle and
fire away, or put a player on either side of the net to maximize efficiency. The rebounder's nylon surface area--which
measures 5 by 3 feet--can also be used for such sports as softball or baseball. The rebounder is an excellent training
device for all skill levels.

About STX
STX is the world's leading manufacturer of men's and women's lacrosse sticks and protective gear, including gloves,
padding, and women's eyegear. No matter what the product, STX is driven by the same philosophy that spurs every
innovation: to create the highest-quality, most-cutting-edge lacrosse equipment available and enable players to reach
peak performance on the playing field. This, in turn, raises the standard of play and the specter of America's oldest
game and fastest-growing team sport.

STX's history traces back to the early 1960s, when the STX founders--lacrosse players themselves--began experimenting
with synthetic materials to create a lighter and more resilient stick. Traditional wooden lacrosse sticks were difficult
to manufacture, poorly balanced, and hard to maneuver, and often broke due to the physical demands of the game. STX's
earliest sticks, by contrast, had a solid double-walled head made of Dupont Adiprene urethane rubber affixed to a
hickory shaft. Although crude by today's standards, STX's first synthetic stick went a long way in solving the biggest
problems facing the sport. Each stick was now the same weight, balance, and flexibility, because they were made from the
same material and same mold every time. In the years since, STX has pioneered nearly every equipment innovation in the
game, including such head advancements as the straight double-wall head, the mesh pocket, the pinched sidewall head, and
the forward canted head; such gear improvements as the aluminum handle, the composite handle, and the offset handle; and
a host of glove and goggle enhancements.